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Thanks for checking in to see if there are any opportunities with CodeGuard. If you are excited about what we are doing and there isn't a position listed below that is an exact fit, feel free to contact us - for the right person we can make things work.

What we're always looking for: passionate lifelong learners who understand that what lies ahead of us and behind us pales in comparison with what resides within us. At CodeGuard, proven ideas win. We believe in the meritocracy of results, not individuals. All ideas are considered, and without data, nearly none are rejected.

Who we want to become: better versions of ourselves. Life is iterative, and we are all works-in-progress. Improvement can be painful but we seek that type of good pain here. It makes our product better, our lives and relationships richer, and hopefully, changes the trajectory of the impact we can have.

Who we are: driven and focused execution professionals who enjoy limiting scope creep, optimizing and streamlining our processes, holding ourselves accountable, bringing new thoughts and ideas to the table (or desk or chair at the beach) each day, caring about our customers, possessing a sense of urgency, detesting the status quo, and believing that, as a team, we can accomplish anything.

Open Internship Programs

Sarah Biggers Hi, I’m Sarah, the Summer Programs Manager. If you're looking for a structured internship opportunity with a fast-growing and inspiring startup then you've come to the right place! At CodeGuard you will learn more in weeks with hands-on assignments and real-world applications than you ever could with several semesters in the classroom.

Our Marketing Management Program is perfect for anyone desiring relevant business experience, with a focus on sales, marketing, and public relations - all with an internet and social media twist. Our Developer Program is great for those who want to be apart of challenging real-world projects that get used by thousands of customers. Build iOS/Android apps and web applications in frameworks of your choice.

I’m thrilled you decided to visit our site to learn more about the opportunities and I encourage you to apply for either position below.

If you’ve got questions, I’m your girl. I hope to hear from you soon!


Marketing Management Program - Summer 2013 Interested in marketing, but overwhelmed by all the different areas of focus? Studying a different major but interested in gaining the business value of being well-versed in marketing? If you answered yes to either of these questions consider applying for our Marketing Management Program.

Built with a student in mind, this 10 week internship and training program offers students highly flexible scheduling while maximizing learning. Each week, our CEO will hold a workshop focusing on a variety of topics - startups 101, social media, marketing automation systems, sales, email marketing, etc. - and provide relevant information that is actually being used in today’s business economy. You will then be given assignments based off the weekly topic with the goal of producing information or content that CodeGuard can use. When and where you commit the hours is at your discretion, so self-discipline and high motivation is necessary. What exactly does that mean? It means you can take a semester of classes or work a separate paying job concurrently. Two birds with one stone!

Reqs: 2.5+ GPA, ability to receive course credit for the program, ALL MAJORS WELCOME! APPLY TODAY!

Developer Program - Summer 2013 You: You’re a brilliant student that is either pursuing a degree related to Computer Science or interested in web development. You’ve got a mind that is constantly spinning with ideas and potential solutions. Most importantly, you want to write real code, for real applications, to be used by real people. Who are we to stop you?

CodeGuard: We are a close-knit team of developers and designers paving the way to website and database backup excellence. We hate being unproductive, so if you are looking for a job where you sit bored in a cubicle and twiddle your thumbs all day, this isn’t it. What we have for you is a unique summer opportunity where you will be part of a team that is writing and pushing code for applications that YOU envision.

This 12 week program focuses on small groups working on interesting projects, for example: iOS/Android app development, malware scanning, automatic resource scaling, vulnerability detection, etc., with the goal of prototyping, testing, and producing a live application by the end of the program. Although gaining extensive programming experience and the possibility of deploying your own code are highlights, there is more than meets the eye here. You’ll be working in a fast paced agile development environment and gaining valuable software developer skills outside of the classroom. Not only will you increase your coding chops, but for those that aspire to run their own business one day, this is an unparalleled opportunity to see how a company works behind the scenes.

Reqs: CS-related major, 2.5+ GPA, ability to receive course credit for the program APPLY TODAY!

Open Full-time Positions